Sunday, December 17, 2006

Home for the Holidays

I just returned from my Christmas visit with friends in Peterborough. It seems odd to me to have known this group of women for over 15 years already. It feels like yesterday when I called Peterborough & Trent University my home; which in actual fact was 11 + years ago now. Although I've been gone since the mid-ninties I still consider this area of Ontario home.
It was so interesting to see the lines on the faces a little deeper; a gentle reminder of the life we have lived thus far - filled with such an interesting ebb and flow. I can't believe how much different the downtown core is! It brought with it knowledge not only people, but cities do not remain static. The main streets downtown are now filled with lovely little boutiques that one would enjoy shopping in and small pubs and bistro's create such livelihood in their downtown core. The phrase, "It's worth the drive" (like another area I lived in for a time) seems to fit! Althought the city has evolved, the love of the Kawartha's and folk from the Patch remains. It definitely felt good to be home for the holidays.

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