Friday, May 26, 2017

Changing lives

I overheard some students talking after class yesterday.  One of them said, "This is the best thing I've ever done for myself.  Now i can get through another week"
I'm so grateful for those who show up each week, with mats in hand, to practice yoga with me.  They sometimes come stressed and worried, other times joy-filled; depending on the week.  And they take the hour to breath, to relax, to work hard. 
Yoga definitely changes lives.  Even those who practice only one day a week, like the student I mentioned above.  It's amazing just how much one class can change things for most.
I heard another say, "I'm far more flexible than the others my age.  And I know it's from this class.  I'm never giving it up!"
I really should be asking for testimonials.  LOL
But seriously, do yourself the favour - if you don't already do so.  Find a class and a teacher you enjoy and come to the mat....
PS.  You can check out my schedule on my site:

Friday, May 19, 2017

Where did that time go?

One would think after having a cold for 85 days (of what some called the 100 day cold) this past winter my immune system would be super strong.  Then Spring arrived.  So did the allergies.
I haven't had trouble with allergies for years.  I went through many AET (allergy elimination technique) sessions which reverses sensitivities.  I can't explain how it works but I do know it did.  I was allergic to outside (everything) and to my two cats at the time. After the treatments I could put my face into my cat's fur and nothing happened... no runny nose, no itchy eyes, no sneezing... they were all gone!  It was worth every penny I spent on the treatments.
I started thinking about going back to have my allergies reversed again (this is on the to do list) as I was telling someone I had them done about 7 years ago.  Then it hit me...
Sophie & Bella (my current furbabies) are 8 years old.  I had the AET done when my past babies (Alex & Chimo) were alive... Chimo's been gone for 9 years and Axel 12.
12 years?
Where the heck did that time go?
Apparently... "Time is fleeting, madness takes control" ~Rocky Horror
Seems like only yesterday.  
FYI for those curious about AET the woman I have seen in past is in Brantford (  I do recommend it.  As mentioned I'll be going back soon myself.
Enjoy a safe & happy long weekend!
PS.    Allergies make me feel like Medusa... 

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

Getting the runaround

I seriously have to wonder how well Sophie, my White Russian, knows how to tell time? Every night she tucks me into bed.  Then minutes before the alarm goes off every morning she wakes me up.  Sometimes it's in a nice way, other times she pounces on my belly to announce her arrival.
We also have a Russian Blue named Bella.   This has been our challenging fur child.  She's not nice to Sophie; beats her up every chance she gets.  She hisses alot and smacks you when you don't do things her way.   She is getting better though and likes me more now than she has in the past.
They are both almost 8 years old and are starting to evolve into adult cat mode with new personality traits coming out weekly.
Bella's latest thing is needing to sit on the chair with me when I'm working on the computer.  The cats definitely run this house.  This morning (and many others in past) Bella gave me the run around.  First she wanted catnip, then more water, the food bowl wasn't full enough, then the window needed to be opened.  She must have carried on for over an hour until she finally settled in on the chair behind me where she is now.  Ah the life of a cat.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could have the superior service whenever we wanted anything?  LOL
Hope you don't get a week of the runaround at your house.  Then again, maybe we'd be fully bored if we didn't have anything to do?  
PS.  Although we don't currently have a dog, I do love them.  As kids my brother and I had a dog named Snoopy (original name, right? LOL)  She was a Sheppard/Lab mix and one of the most beautiful souls.  I did the "I'm a Dog" colouring book some time ago. Here's one of the pictures of a from inside... I think it's such a cute bulldog:checkingin995 (2)_LI
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Friday, April 21, 2017

Spirit Animal Messages

I'm always on the look out for messages from spirit.  Some will think that's weird and if you are one of those stop reading now.  LOL... 
This week I was talking to my husband about my brother (who transitioned March 13, 2015) telling him a story about how we used to drive down a particular road at high speeds.  After I was done I saw a shooting star!  It was very low in the sky... the lowest I'd ever seen in fact.  It was incredible and felt like Dave was still near.
This past week I saw a Monarch butterfly in the backyard.  I haven't seen a Monarch in years.  They truly are so precious.  
Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor
This one is a wikipedia photo... I didn't have my camera ready for it.  The butterfly signals transformation and change.
This morning when I got up I looked outside to the roof and saw these two...IMG_20170421_075705
By the time I got the camera they had moved over here onto our garage.  Of course I had to look up the spiritual meaning of ducks.  It says, "Be in the now, be in the moment, for this is where all of the power is available to at peace and let it be" more here
Messages truly are everywhere if we take the time to slow down and see them.  
One of my students, during meditation, saw a bald eagle.  His message is definitely powerful... " The eagle bestows freedom and courage to look ahead"
May you find similar messages surrounding you this week.
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Friday, April 14, 2017

What a week

Between the Pepsi fiscal, United Airlines, Sean Spicer, Syria, CBS's Survivor it's been quite a week.  And I'm probably missing a few things.  I think one thing we're learning in this 'new age' is the power of social media.
The movement's are important for change.  We can have a voice as a collective and it seems "be the change we wish to see".    
Now if we could only do as much with our personal relationships.  We can't force change in interpersonal relationships even if we'd like to.  
There will be those in our lives who will ignore us, not speak to us, not respond to text messages or other forms of communication.  Now we could spatter these thoughts all over the internet.  Or we can sit the experience, not post them on social and see where our attachments lie.
Are we attached to the people, the experiences, the precious moments of the past?  If we sit with these uncomfortable personal experiences we may begin to grow.  We may learn some individuals are teaching us (even if we don't wish to be taught).  
Maybe we are learning lessons of healthy personal boundaries or self love? 
I think the best we can do when it comes to those who are challenging us is breath into the moments of peace (or count to 10 - 10x ..LOL).  Stay present and true to self.    
As you spend time with your loved ones this weekend, remember sometimes you are being taught.  And sometimes you will teach. We can force change or we can allow... which will you choose?
Wishing you a great long weekend & Happy Easter to those who celebrate.
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Friday, April 07, 2017

Retrograde Planets

April brings four planets in retrograde.  Those of you who love astrology and study the planets probably are aware of this.  For everyone else when a planet is in retrograde it is said to be moving backwards.  
Currently, or very soon anyhow, there will be four planets in retrograde:  Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury.  One of my students this week said, "Oh, that can't be good!"  LOL.. that's the thing; it's not good, nor bad, it just is.
So among many things to look forward to this month we've got Mercury who will make us revisit communications of all kinds, Venus who will reexamine your relationships, Saturn who will bring karmic retribution and Pluto who brings change and endings.
None of this should be feared, but experienced.   Here's a longer link to consider these themes:  
Yogi Bhajan taught a meditation technique back in the 70's to help us modify the effects of the Saturn retrograde.  It helps to shift the energies from negative karma into dharma (our job to serve).   It has a specific mudra and chanting of "Hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, har"  for 11 or 31 minutes while keeping the hands in Shuni Mudra.
We can say this planetary awareness is all hogwash and if you don't believe it that's fine.  However consider when people say, "Is there a full moon or something?  Everyone is acting crazy!"  Maybe it holds some merit?  
You can decide.
Until next time,
PS.  Awhile ago I created an astrology colouring book: 51znd471esl-_sx385_bo1204203200_
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