Friday, August 04, 2017

Unexpected Meltdown

I do believe when we transition to the other side we stay close to our loved ones.  I've had many experiences since the passing of my brother in 2015 to confirm this for me.  On his birthday I heard the song come through loud and clear, "Best of my love" from The Eagles.  There was so much comfort in that song.  It was as if he sent it to me to remind me of his love.
Grief still comes in waves and I was hit by another yesterday unexpectedly.
Last night my husband was working out to Depeche Mode's "Forever Young" the wave came.  It got me pretty good.  I was busy doing something else when I was taken back to our teen years when my brother would play this time and again at blustering volume. The words resonated on so many levels and I had to wonder if he somehow knew he wouldn't make it to his elder years?
This was one meltdown I surely didn't expect.
I've been watching Ram Dass this week at his "Impermanence and the Power of Love" retreat.  And I had to laugh in one of the talks he mentioned that his relationship with Maharajii is so strong even to this day.
He mentioned the relationship is mostly in his imagination; funny.   I receive these words on such a different level now.
Funny how grief does that to you.
Wishing you a great week - may it be filled with love and deep connection.
PS.  After Dave passed I created this

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