Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Precious

You'll never guess what showed up on my doorstep tonight?


Lyle's ring returned!

A little worse for wear, but a collegue from work brought it back. The day Lyle lost Precious it was freezing rain outside and the drive at work was sheer ice. He took one step out of the truck and went flying. After the first panic phone call he told me he fell and thought maybe he had lost the precious at work. At the time, the seeping gape wound on his hand was apparently more important than the ring at the time; his first instinct was the ring was still at work. Apparently, the Oracle (aka Lyle) was right. Then he started to second guess himself.

I spoke to my weeping yogi and Saint Anthony (I'm not Catholic, but I speak to St. Anthony all the time, infact I call him Tony; yes, we are on a first name basis!) I yelled into the air tonight huge thank you's to both of them. Lyle said, I should thank the woman who returned it to us. I did that, but also felt the need to thank the Secret for returning the ring as this was my intention!

I said tonight that I should take his ring into the jeweler to get it cleaned and buffed. You should see how beat up it is....looks like it had a nasty battle with the snow plow! Lyle's response...
"No, you can't have it.....It's Mine! No It's mine!"

I don't know if I'll ever get it away from him again.
Schmegle - hahahaaa after all he now is the Lord of the Ring!

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