Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Told you so

Ok, so I have proof today that healing is not always an easy feat. Here's an someone in my experience was steering from the truth. Obviously it bothered me, otherwize I wouldn't be blogging about it tonight. I hestitate to even give this any more energy, although it seems to fit into the previous post so, here it goes....

Why do people feel the need to be evasive about the truth?

If it is to not hurt someones feelings, then (even though I may disagree) I get it. However, when the lie is based on an obviously manipulation I really do not understand it. Is it just because I do not manipulate? Or maybe, its because I do not lie? I don't know.

What I do know is this ....
*this individual has definite issues!
*I will not focus on this which brings me down - as I am knowledgeable enough to know I do not wish more of the same.
*I am truthful 99% of the time

Regardless, I am releasing this and cancelling out any further lessons on manipulation and lies. I am surrounded by truth! Do you hear that universe? TRUTH! (you really must be soooo careful!)

On a much more positive note, someone told me today, they thought I am only 28 years old! How great is that??? LOL

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