Monday, February 05, 2007


On my freezing cold drive into the fitness club this morning, I listened to a psychic reading I had done last year about this time. The reader told me that in Sept. of last year I would hit an emotional brick wall and would not know how to get past it. What I found amusing this morning, is how concerned I was most of last year about this. September came and went....nothing of the sort happened. Isn't it odd how much time we can spend worrying about something that may never manifest?

ps. I think I'm going to come become a bear and hibernate all winter; its really cold out there. And the driving conditions are not the best. I watched several cars sliding everywhere on the ride back home. Slow down people! It's not going to get any nicer, here's the afternoon forecast:
WIND 39 km/h
GUSTS 56 km/h

pps. If you haven't heard The Secret will be featured on Oprah this Thursday! It will be a must see, I'm sure. I'm so excited to see what happens next.

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