Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Law of attraction or intuition? You decide.....

I think I saw the law of attraction alive and well at the grocery store again today! Turned out Lyle had a night out with the boys at work which is a) totally odd...he never does anything like this, but b) a going away party for his boss who is moving out west. If truth be told I was happy he was doing something like that. He normally is a total home body (which has both postive and negative aspects to it).

Sorry, off topic.....right, grocery store....

So, I decided as I was having supper alone to go and buy a pre-BBQ'd chicken. With all of this heat, I'll admit I've been feeling rather lazy.

Anyhow...chica packs the chicken in a bag and double ties it saying, "Good, that should be good and tight now the lid won't fall off."

I nodded.

An older lady behind me had a chicken as well. She went to place the package on the conveyor belt when the chicken fell on the floor, juice falling all over the place!

I turned to the packager and said, "So, was that your intuition talking?"

She nodded albeit knowingly.

"Is there a mess all over the floor?"

I nodded back.

The more I thought about it afterwards I had to wonder...was that Law of Attraction or intuition?

I think we all know the answer to that! LOL

PS. Hey, btw...have you bought my ebook yet?

Come on...what's stopping you but you're own programming?

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