Monday, October 04, 2010

Interaction with your cat

Being that it is World Animal Day, I thought I'd share a way to better your relationship if you are a cat owner.

For some of you this will be informaton you already know. However for others, it may be new.

Did you know the easiest way to communicate with your cat is without words?

Cat's speak with their eyes.

When a Mother cat wants to tell her kitten something, she doesn't use words, but rather her eyes.

Here are a few examples & tips to try:

Look into a cat's eyes and slowly blink at them. This means, "I love you!" If they do it back to you, you are deep in their heart.

You can also give them direction using the eyes.

Look at the cat (be sure you have their attention) blink and as you open the eyes look to your right. That direction is to go to the right. (Look left = go left).

Look at the cat, blink and look down toward yourself. That means, "Hey kitty, come over here!"

Don't take my word for it try it yourself.

You'll find your interactions with pussy-cat will grow even deeper.


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