Saturday, February 25, 2012

Foot update and videos

It seems that the shoes are staying on.  I can't say I was surprised when the Chiropractor said that he wants me to keep wearing my shoes all day for awhile longer.  My foot is doing better, however its still kinda sore.  Wouldn't it be nice if healing happened much more quickly? 

I can't complain too much about it ... rather have to suffer through this now than when summer arrives.

PS.  The past few weeks I've been doing some meditations on Youtube. There is some really great stuff over there! 

I came across some from a man named Shep - we've been talking, sharing info. etc.,  Then he posted this video referring to one of my videos: 

Isn't that awesome?!

If you like meditation check out some of his - they are really great!

Anyhow here's the video he was talking about on visualization if you're interested:

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