Monday, November 11, 2013

Feeling lethargic?

Here's a technique for those days when you are feeling lethargic that you may or may not have heard of.  It's beginning to incorporate the Bhandhas throughout your day.
These are the internal locks applied similar to valves to direct the prana upward through the subtle energy system (nadis, chakras, meridians).
The bhandhas are mulabhandha (root lock), uddiyana bhandha (belly button lock) and jalandhara bhandha (neck or throat lock).
Like the breath they can be illusive as our focus slips away from them. Give it a try to see what I mean.  Begin to breathe deeply and evenly and allow the breath to be your sole focus for a least a minute.  If this practice is new to you it will be challenging as every 30 seconds or so we have a new thought to take our focus away. 
Traditionally they are used in a yoga practice which can deepen if the bhandhas are utilized. Apply them as you move through the asanas (physical postures).  However you need not be on the mat to apply them to your life.
Here’s how to apply the lower two:

At the end of the exhalation apply mulabhandha by drawing up on the muscles between the perineum and the anus. These are the same muscles that stop the flow of urination. Keep holding it.

Take a full breath at the end of the exhalation come to the belly button lock by drawing the abdomen in and up thereby applying uddiyana bhandha. It’s not a hard holding or crunch of the core, but rather a lifting … concentrated holding the abdomen up and in.

Here we’ll skip Jalandhara, but know it is mostly used for pranayama (loosely described breathing) practice. The bhandhas can significantly shift and change your yoga practice taking you to entirely new levels of concentration, focus and present moment awareness.

Give it a go even off the mat and see, sense and feel how your energy can & will change!

Let’ s begin to use them today. Here is link to a video I did awhile ago explaining locks further:

Thanks for watching & reading!

PS.  Joining in the energy today to honour our soldiers and give thanks for our freedom.  Lest we forget.

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