Friday, November 07, 2014

Intuitive Blast

As some of you know I offer Reiki treatments as a portion of services for my business (

I'm never surprised during a Reiki session when I 'feel' someone's back or arm or physically what is happening with them.  Everyone is different.  For me I feel within my own body what is going on in the client's.  Not everyone is like this though.

Often times I'm given further direction on what is happening which I normally share & sometimes keep to myself depending on what it is.

Intuitively this week though things have been out of this world!  I can't believe how intense feeling, seeing and sensing have been.

For example, I was working on someone and 'saw' a glimpse of ArchAngel Michael.  He was about 3 feet tall (tiny little thing... LOL)  with his flaming sword out infront of him.  It was really intense!

I shared it with the client saying, "Do you ever talk to ArchAngel Michael?"
"Oddly enough, yes.  I was just talking to him today."

.... nuts!   I love it when these things happen.  Even if every now and then even I get shocked by what occurs in these sessions!  I told her it was time to, "cut the crap".

This morning I trip over to Instagram and what do I see there?  Doreen Virtue had posted  - you guessed it - ArchAngel Michael! 

How kewl is that?
Now, wouldn't it be sweet if I could channel, sense or feel lottery ticket winnings?

PS.  So maybe the message I 'saw' wasn't only for the client?

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