Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dedication to Camp David

We've decided to change the name of our cottage from "Trent View" to Camp David.  Oddly enough Dave had always called the cottage this so it's fitting.  He'd already had this sign in the our forest (yes we have a magical forest) and on a sign he made called the "Cottage rules".  Anyhow so I made him a present for his upcoming birthday and also so we could enjoy it.  Here it is:

Now I can't take full credit for the entire sign.  I did get the idea for the crane/bullrushes from this sign on google:

I did decide to add him in on the far left fishing as this is one of his favourite things.  And the cottage is ours, along with our dock, firepit and Dave's first truck.  I also added in a Canadian flag which we've intended to put up for the past 11 years (lol... we'll get to it).

Anyhow... Happy Birthday Dave

I hope he enjoys it.  He came to me in my dream last night and gave me the biggest hug.  And he told me he isn't dead.  I said, "Thank god!  That was an aweful dream!"  Then I woke up.  Could still feel his hug.  And sadly realized that he is not alive in our known human form.  But I'm still happy he's alive somewhere.  

So much love baby brother

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