Friday, July 07, 2017


I found it so funny this week when my hubby came home from work and mentioned he received a text message saying, "OMW".  He said, "What the heck does that mean?"

I guess there were 8 others in the room 50 years young and none of them could figure it out.  I said, "That means on my may".  He said, "How do you know that?  And why wouldn't she just have said that in the first place!"

I told him he should have asked her.  He said, "No way... if you don't speak normally than I'm not responding to that!"  LOL.. too funny.  It is speaking normally in text messaging.  Some in that generation are working towards keeping up.

It reminds me of some of the other vocabularies we hear and don't know.  Like "Netflix and chill" or "Cake by the ocean".  These situations aren't all that new.  Back in the day it was gnarly, to the max, where's the beef, gag me with a spoon... lol 80's slang. I'm sure we could go on and on with terms for every generation that changes the way we communicate.  Some of the terms will pass.  However I have a feeling the 'new' internet slang isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


Have a great week ahead!
PS.  And when in doubt google it!

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