Saturday, January 21, 2006

Manifestation Station

If all thoughts truly create our realities as in the Abraham teachings, then we truly need to watch them. Not only in observances, but also working toward shifting our awareness from negative to positive. Now maybe, just maybe that is what I did to stand in line last night for my brother at Best Buy. You see he really wanted to purchase a PS3 (the latest Playstation). Few were released last week, so when he heard Best Buy had 8 of the 60 G systems he called my husband and I asking if we would run to the store. How can a sister say no? We went and luckily there were only 4 people ahead of him, waited in line for one hour while he drove from home to Kitchener. Funny, I wonder what I was thinking to create standing outdoors in freezing temperatures? I do enjoy spending time with my husband outside...maybe that was it?

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