Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Exploration & investigation

The week one of my students said after practicing Downward facing dog pose, "I've got it! I really got it! That was incredible!" Isn't it interesting this thing called yoga? As we work toward finding balance in our bodies, there are times when these enlightened shifts will occur. It feels simply marvelous to experience as if for the first time the connection between breath, lengthening the spine and holding. We continue our practice in faith of understanding yoga more each time we come to the mat. Funny enough, every time we achieve these ah-ha moments we feel we are almost there. Where ever 'there' may be. Several years later, we seem to get it again or understand that the asana has touched us in a different way. Continue to explore and investigate each pose remembering it is the journey and not the destination. As my teacher once said, "Tammy, if you could do everything there would be no where to go!" Enjoy your journey into balance.

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