Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Preparations

I'm almost finished my shopping for the Yuletide celebrations. For many of the past years, I always hand make things for my family. It's funny really as when they are given store bought things they always seem bummed out that I didn't make them anything. So, although I've bought them store bought things this year I took the time tonight to sew some yoga eye bags for them. They are truly easy to make yourself and a lovely treat for whomever will receive them. Now, as my family rarely reads this blog, I think (hopefully...wait yes as I'm creating my own reality through thought... they will NOT read this ...cancel the hopefully) therefore, I'm safe in sharing it with you. The eye bags filter out light, noise, and distractions helping one to stay focused on being "centered" during relaxations.

You will need some scraps of fabric pieces around 4 X 8 inches. Sew the edges into a rectangle. Inside the pouch add some lavender sprigs from your garden along with any type of legume....I used mung beans in mine. Other options are...flax seeds, lavender, chamomile etc.,

You will want to fill the saches about 1/2 to 3/4's full. When you are finished you will have a lovely eye bag your friends or family can use for savasana or simply to relax! Or if you are lacking time (in which you could create more of through thought...if you didn't already know!) you could purchase them online but clicking the link here...

It's a definite treat, that I will make for myself as well; funny, I've meant to make one for me for some time. Funny how sometimes we need others to help us create things for self!
Happy creating!

ps. Finally have the Christmas decor finished outside as well. I simply couldn't resist the gorgeous weather today. It seemed like a far better option than waiting a few more weeks for those cold temps we know are on the way!

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