Monday, December 04, 2006

Raise Your Vibration

Isn't it odd how queezy our belly's can get when we ask for a raise? This is one thing most of us have in common. We know our true value. We know how hard we work. Yet when it comes to standing up for our own true self in the larger scheme of things, we all begin to feel like a little child. I guess its because our employers hold the power as once our parents did and we feel as if we have none. But this is simply an illusion. If we stop the maya of believing we are not worthing we can achieve great things. It is believing in ourselves and our abilities that can bring about great change and shifts; not only in our chosen profession, but also in our lives.

When was the last time you asked for what you truly want? In relationships? In business? Within your own body? Or family/tribal areas of your life? In order for us to truly manifest the things we wish to see happen, we must face our inner child. While we nuture self as it is equally important to begin to ask for what we want. Not only through thought, but also through positive and sometimes creative dialogue with those we share our earthwalk with.

Now after you have opened that dialogue, how do you feel. Are there still butterflies in your stomach? Do you still feel nervous or anxious? If so, its time to adjust your thinking. Believe in yourself today! And begin to take the steps in the direction of creating the life you wish to live: think it into being, feel it into being and it will be!

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