Monday, December 04, 2006

Laws are in motion

Today, I asked for a raise from one company, only to receive one from another! How odd is that? I still don't know if I got the first one yet, but by law of attraction something clicked in the universe today! Isn't that amazing!

I also wanted to thank those who nominated me for the best teacher award at Exclusively. What a nice gesture and the comments you gave we so nice as well. Here's what some of them were (for those who don't know):

"Extremely knowledgeable & thorough in every move. She is always patient and considerate of everyone's skill and level."

"Very knowledgable, works well with the body."

"Cheerful and encouraging demeanor."

"She is very quiet and has a relaxing manner"

It's wonderful to receive feedback from those who participate in my classes. I'm not sure my husband Lyle would agree that I'm quiet though...wait until he reads that one! LOL

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