Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Weather and Wonder

It's hard to say what is happening outside today; the weather seems to be mixed up with a mixture of snow and rain. Thankfully there isn't any freezing rain! My husband promises it is all going to melt and is supposed to be nice again. I'm not sure if he's creatively planning this to be truth or if he heard it from the Global News weatherman. Regardless, I for one am looking forward to it! (I know I shouldn't be complaining already as its only just begun.) Today I'm hiding indoors for as long as possible finishing the details to send of my latest for it before the end of the week for email subscribers and by next week for those who receive it through snail mail!

Remember Linda Adsetts, the owner of the Soul Spa from St. Andrews St? She has just opened her new website. It's simply wonderful! You can visit it at Linda is still offering her angel readings and also sharing some amazing information now online. Be sure to visit; I for one am wondering what wonderful things she'll soon share?

Enjoy your day folks, I'm off to cuddle my cat; bet you he's warm!

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