Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Present Moment reminder

Last night I taught at one of the Senior Centers. This class has grown in leaps and bounds; originally I only had maybe 5 students and now the class has 24 people in it. It's at its max (which I am so thankful for). One of the students I haven't seen since Christmas. She had arrived early and we were chatting about her holiday. As I listened I was moving a platform off the stage. All was fine, until....

I dropped the thing on my right foot! OUCH... I think my big toe is broken; its purple and throbbing.

Just goes to show you what happens when we aren't using present moment awareness. If I had of been focusing on what I was doing it wouldn't have happened in the first place.

It reminded me of how many distractions we can have while we are on the mat; other people breathing, talking, moving, sounds that filter in from outside or from other parts of the building etc.,

It is a great time to practice pratyahara (retraction of the senses) and simply focus on your breathing. I think I'm going to try it, if I keep focusing on the here and now; focusing on my breath, maybe I'll forget all about my sore toe? One can wish!

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