Sunday, January 21, 2007


As per our usual Friday night, we ordered take out. One ear was listening for the door as we watched the Barrett Jackson Classic car auction. The front door does not have a traditional door bell, it has a bell built into the door; however, most people either do not notice it or do not believe it works so it rarely gets used. They pound on the door instead. Twenty minutes after ordering the food I hear someone on our front porch.

It was the newspaper boy. He was fighting to get the newspaper into the mailbox, slipped on the snow covered wooden porch he was on his knees crying. He had papers all around him and was fully frustrated; punching the evil mid-air around him. Poor little guy; I opened the door to see what I could do to help.

"Must be hard to deliver these papers with all this snow, huh?"
"Yeah," he replied with crockodile tears streaming down his face. "And I'm just so tired."

As I helped him put the papers back into proper order, he seemed to settle a bit.

After he left I started thinking how frustrations can easily build for people some days. And how to help little people better deal with the seemingly insurmountable stress. Then again, if as adults we are unable to help ourselves, how do we show the young?

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