Thursday, January 04, 2007

To Give

I was speaking with my Mom this morning about the Secret. She is very good at applying the laws of attraction and thinking of what she would like to see manifest in her life; but, as most people, can get easily sidetracked so words do not support belief. During the conversation we discussed a woman who is having issues with health. This woman spends so much time focusing on illness, she is creating it in her life. What we focus on becomes truth. We agreed we all have our challenges; some more, some less. Mom said, "And I have a challenge for you!"

Uh ho

She challenged me to
1) Begin to donate $10 per month to a charity of my choice.

Normally, I donate to Trent University or Amnesty International; once per year.
Monthly? Hmmmm...

2) Open a savings account in which I deposit $5.00 per month.

Now, if I say I can't then I am focusing on lack. If I have enough or more than enough then this should be easy, right?

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