Monday, April 16, 2007

Only one word...

...can truly describe the Power within seminar I attended featuring The Secret teachers (in order of appearance): Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker (not in The Secret I don't believe but should have been), John Assaraf and Bob Proctor....and that word is


I loved each and every moment of it.

I met each one of them and hugged Jack Canfield. I would have hugged them all, to transfuse my energy with theirs if it weren't for the table in front of us.

There was even a Secret treat David Schirmer and his wife were in Toronto and popped into see their friends. What was funny is he was on the escalator going down while we were going up. I knew I knew him from somewhere.

This often happens to me as I have a long list of places I have lived over the years and sometimes get people mixed up from different cities.

Eventually and after running into him again later in the day, I realized he was the "visualize car parks" + the "gets more cheques than bills in the mail" guy from The Secret!

All in all it was totally amazing.

I will be sharing portions of my experience with you in class over the next few weeks. This information is far too good to keep to myself!

PS. I registered the site for the ebook How to be Soul Strong: A Users Guide to Life on Planet Earth. You can find it at
Do yourself a favour and bookmark the page. It will be available very soon and will literally change lives!

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