Friday, June 01, 2007

For the birds

I'm sure there's a message in this for me somewhere although I'll admit, I've yet to discover the link. Turns out there isn't something in the attic afterall, but a bird's nest in the roofing vent. We had someone come by and quote us $300 to remove them. We decided to leave them and allow the mama bird to teach her babies how to fly and let them leave on their own accord before replacing the vent.

I'd feel badly if the Mama bird couldn't find her babies.

It's been a Spring all about the birds.

My sister-in-law gave me a bird bath which is being used by many robins. Surprisingly enough I'm truly enjoying watching them flitter into and out of the water.

And when my Mom was cleaning the cottage she came across a hummingbird feeder that used to be my Grandmother's. I've filled it too and am enjoying watching the little birds of joy on their fly by visits. There is some comfort in the idea that out there somewhere Grandma is looking down and happy the feeder is being used.

Maybe the message is taking comfort in learning how to spread my own wings?

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