Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In loving gratitude

Just a quick post this morning to thank all of those who have and continue to support TLC Services. As my summer holiday's begin, I am so happy and grateful to have the time to recharge my batteries. I look forward to seeing everyone again come the fall.

Until then, enjoy August and the opportunity to explore a personal practice.

While yoga is done often in groups, the main goal is to help you find balance. It is also to allow you to connect mind, body and spirit; this can only be accomplished alone. Take the time to watch your breath, connect with your spirit (through meditation or yoga) and most of all the time out to celebrate your relationship with self.

If you still haven't purchased your copy of How to be Soul Strong, this is the perfect time! The price will be increasing shortly. Grab your copy before the limited offer runs out.

See you in September.
Om Shanti,

PS. If I get a chance to find a computer while I'm off, I may do a fly by post in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back in.

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