Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One City, One Center

I think the City of Cambridge has lost its mind!

First it was the grand new City Hall building which we did NOT need.

This morning as I went into a convenience store around the corner from my home, I see a petition on the counter.

"What's this for?"

It was titled, "One City, One Center."

It turns out someone's brilliant idea at City counsel is to put all of the existing Senior's Center's into one. I'm so freaking ticked off about the whole thing. What are they thinking?

Seniors will have to take buses to get to this new does that make things easier for them?

The things are now are fine.

City counsel has more money than brains! That much is obvious!

How about repairing some of our roads instead of wasting money building a new building we do not need.


If you see a petition PLEASE sign it! And send letter's to local counsel, the Mayor and the Cambridge Times. We are in this together people. I trust I'm not alone in thinking this!

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