Monday, October 20, 2008

There are lessons everywhere

Yesterday I cleared the front lawn and drive of most of the leaves. While I was working away a baby squirrel scampered under my car.

It was hurt.
Probably hit by a car.

Poor little soul. It was alive but dragging its back end along the ground. It's beside the garage now. I'm afraid it didn't last the night.

I shared this experience over the phone with my MIL.

She said, "Don't even talk to me about squirrels. We are ready to ring all of their necks!"

I thought she'd have a little more 'feeling' for the poor little squirrel at our house. She continued, "We planted over 100 bulbs in the front yard. And the darn things pulled them all out! Now we have holes all over the grass from them digging around."

Now I knew why.

This morning I revisited the conversation again in my mind and realized something....squirrels, in the medicine cards, stand for gathering.

I realized quickly the message: they need to ask themselves what are they gathering? Or what are they buring and not dealing with?

As I analyzed their situation I realized the message was also for me.

I need to be mindful of what it is I'm dragging behind me. What is it I need to let go of? What am I gathering that is no longer useful for me; the dead weight?

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