Monday, February 02, 2009

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Yogi Bhajan predicted back in '92 the dawning of the new Age would begin at 11:30am (PST) on Nov. 11th 2011. He left behind (which I say because he's dead) a meditation which is to begin on Feb. 14th. It is a 1,000 day meditation....meaning it will end on Nov. 10th 2011.

Now I'm pretty sure I won't be doing the entire thing...a 40 day commitment can be challenging let alone 1,000 days! But some people will.

It's an 11 or 31 minute chant.

I will introduce it to students this coming week.

Meditation for an Invincible Spirit in the Aquarian Age

A 1,000-Day Sadhana

We are quickly approaching the long awaited transition to the Aquarian Age. Much has been written about this. In essence it is humanity’s transition from adolescence to maturity. We leave behind the Piscean Era and enter into an age of global awareness, radiance, intuition and cooperation, an era that will usher in an age of equanimity and prosperity, accompanied by an evolution in our capacity to perceive, think, feel and sense. Such growth would mean that much would need to be left behind—old structures and ways of thinking, communicating and living will pass. Confusion, depression, and conflicts will increase as the old ways of holding power—politically, religiously, socially and personally—all fight their last fight. This period of testing and growth will last until 2038, when a new stewardship of this planet and our selves will be realized and peace will have an opportunity to prevail on Earth.

PS. You will find the chant along with the word sheet located at the above site.

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