Friday, January 30, 2009

Psychic Voicemail and a gift for you

Good Morning, I was sitting outside this morning enjoying my coffee and the milder temperature when I had an overwhelming urge to call my Sister-in-law.

She came into my mind so strongly.

I went indoors and picked up the phone.

As I looked to see the caller ID who had called here some 40 minutes prior?

You got it!

If this keeps up we'll never have to actually use the phone.

NASA did a study which found that our thoughts can travel a minimum of 250,000 miles. There's even more reason for us to stay positive and fully understand what we think affects 'ALL'.

Keep this in mind along your journey today.

Wishing you peace and abundance,

PS. I'm going to be launching First Hand Miracles; a quote collection on February 25th. Here's a sneak peak at what you will find in the book:

Please feel free to pass the link on to anyone who may enjoy it.
Thank you!

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