Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yogini roller coaster

I faced my fear yesterday albeit with my eyes closed some of the time on this:

Actually it was around 220 feet that I had to close my eyes. I realized there would only be about 15 seconds left until it was all down hill - that part was fun. But man was it scary.

It's 125 klm/hour at a 75 degree descent.

When I shared this with students a few of them said, "That's not very Yogic of you!"

Well..here's my take

Life is all about present moment awareness....you MUST be present at 125 klm's an hour relying on shoulder straps or lap belts to keep on the ride (funny how we put so much trust in those things).

Besides...It is neither good nor bad, it just IS.

All such a wonderful illusion

PS. I just loaded TLC Services on Facebook. Come check it out!

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