Wednesday, November 09, 2011


There are a lot of people excited about Friday.

The date will be 11/11/11. If we break it down to numerology its 11/11/2011 which is an 8 in numerology.

8 is a power number which helps all of our wishes come true.

However it is the day after the full moon meaning it is a day of clearing.

Being a Friday it's about love/friendship, social activities and strangers.

It is ruled by Venus.

Good colours for Friday's are aqua, green, & pink.

There are a lot of people planning for a super spectacular day (not to mention a lot of weddings being planned).

Who knows the affects of the date. Maybe there aren't any at all. But just to be on the safe side why not build a new vision board, get clear about the direction your life is going in and spread some love!

PS. Past facts....
Did you know World war one ended on 11/11? (1918)

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