Friday, May 03, 2013

Rise, Rinse, Repeat

I was talking to a stranger the other day and wondered if they were channeling a ZOMBIE?

Seriously... they were hardly in there. 

It got me thinking how many people are living (or should I say not living) their lives.

They are merely existing; which looks a little something like this:

Get up
Have a shower
Have Breakfast
Do some stuff....boring, boring stuff
Have Lunch
Do some more stuff.... even more boring stuff than the first boring stuff
Have Supper
Clean up Supper
Watch TV
Go to bed

Rise, rinse, repeat

In the process of all of this really boring stuff make lots of sighing, depressed sounds to resemble this little guy...

You know the type..... "Thanks for noticin' me, ohhh-kayyy" you haff-tah say it with a long drawn out depressive, pessimistic and gloomy response.
Seriously isn't life filled with more joy, enthusiasm? Where is the "WOOT" or the "WAhoooooo's"?  Maybe that's where we should start. 
Beginning today to use words that make you feel fired up, enthusiast, thriving, super charged.
Come on folks...
Let's get this party started!
List 5 words that fire you up, here's my list:
1. Woot
2. Wahoooo
3. WOW
(What the heck... how come all my words are starting with a 'w'...... Wonder Why? ... who cares let's run with it....)
4. Wonderful
5. Willing
Now, what are yours?

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