Tuesday, May 28, 2013

“Slowly does it every time!”

This week I was creating a YouTube video to share our garden.   I snapped pictures all over the place; the front porch, the back porch, the side garden.  As I was beside the pond a wild little rabbit jumped in front of me.  I adore how they blink at us....

It was too cute.  I didn't realize until later I had caught the perfect shot! 

What the heck are the chances of this?


When I realized what I had captured I couldn't wait to share this with you.... for all of us need to recall everything happens for a reason.  In its own time.  Nothing can be rushed, even if we wish it could.
Remember things work by universal design - at all times, just like this picture.  I could not have staged this even if I had tried.  Message received loud and clear Universe!
Trust the process of life
You are being so guided.
Much love,
PS.  And in the mean time if you take "forty winks" friends remember not to rush upon awakening.  Life is always about the journey, "Slowly does it every time!"
PPS.  I've taken the time to Photoshop this for you to download, remember and enjoy!  I believe this one is priceless....

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