Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh Limitless Being

Do you understand that you really are limitless?   That it is you who sets the rules and regulations for your life? 

So many people blame someone else for their experience.  They give away their power and not allow themselves to thrive onward.  Sadly they have already given up.  They have forgotten how to connect.  They have forgotten life is not static.

They have become a slave to the mind (and even worse some to the cell phone... can't put the dang thing down when it sends a text notification they have to respond.  They can't help themselves...oops ... where'd that rant come from?  LOL  OK, ok, ... right now ....back on track..)

Our mind constantly lies to us.  It teaches us that we have a body, feelings, thoughts, time, space and limits. 

We are far more than these things.

If we can silence the mind we can discover this truth.  You my friend are a timeless, spaceless, witnessing being, one of spiritual abundance riding around in a physical body.

Here's an exercise to work with.  In meditation repeat the ancient words of Nisaradatta, "I am That" repetitively.

Notice how the mind will attempt to fill in the ____that_____. 

Go beyond the lies of the mind and discover the quality of all that "I am".

Remember who you really are.

Do not give up.  You are here to have a glorious experience.

You're only limitations are those you set for yourself.

Reach beyond your limitations with me & let's enjoy this ride!

.. not necessarily in Warrior 3, although it is super fun and be forewarned it may make you smile! 

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