Friday, June 21, 2013

Peace Love Happiness (*Metta*) Meditation

This is a technique you can use to meditate - eyes open or eyes closed.

I know that sounds funny but one of my teachers, Lil an 85 year old Yogini, said she never closed her eyes to sit down and meditate.  She revealed that everything she did was done in a meditative way.  (Including being seated and putting her leg straight up by her ear.... I still have no idea how she could move in some of the ways she did... guess that's why it's all about practice).  Anyhooooo..... yeah and if you watch to the end you'll see some art from my brand new Esty shop!  Exciting times indeed.

Enjoy & Namaste,

PS.  Here's the link to my shop and mini journal - let me know if you have a shop too and I'd love to follow along and see what you create! 

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