Saturday, July 06, 2013

Scripting - an exercise in possibility

I can't recall where I learned this technique first.  I'll admit, I'm a bit of a self-help junkie (those who know me best will laugh at this statement... a bit???) Anyho.... it was either my buddy Bob (Bob Proctor) or John Assaraf.  But I guess since Bob was one of John's teacher's we'll give him the credit.

Me & My Buddy Bob... a meeting of which was also created using this technique. 
Can you tell I was nervous?  Blushing!!!!

Many of the teachers tell you to get really clear on your goals and write them down.  John puts it this way, "Have Absolute Written Clarity on Your Vision/Goal/Income—Write It Down."

I concur.

Recently I scripted one paragraph of a perfect day.  In this paragraph I mentioned how much money I was making, a few new toys I had, what kind of car I was driving, how much fun it was during a holiday we had recently taken and how much I enjoyed spending time with the Oracle, the felines and fins.

Next let's envision some relaxing time at the beach!
I just added this one to my shop.

Now less than one month later a few of the things on this list have already occurred!  WOOT!!! Serious fun.... (see below).

It was hilarious actually as I just stumbled across the page I had written.  It was a worksheet to fill out from John Assaraf's old company "One Coach" .... now just because the company went bankrupt and is no longer in existence doesn't mean this technique doesn't work.  I'm here to tell you it sooooo does.  And it's fun to do!

When I was a kid I remember teachers telling my folks that I spent too much time day dreaming and not enough time focusing in class.  But day dreaming is fun, candy for the brain - the exciting world of possibilities.... the exhilarating what if????  (Can you tell I'm a Sagittarius?)

Here's how to use this scripting technique:

One a sheet of paper describe the following:

What income do you wish to achieve?
How you are spending your time?
Where are you living?
What are you driving?
Who are you with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
How are you contributing to the larger good of society (volunteering?  Tithing?)

... and anything else you wish to imagine.

Now you can put this paper in a safe place (under you pillow for sweet dreams) or simply stash it under other paper (like I did).  Read it.  Re-read it.  Forget about it.  It doesn't matter, but revisit the images you've created mentally time and again.

Sit back and watch for miracles.... like this one.....

So dang humdingally blessed!
Isn't he beautiful?

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Tam x


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