Thursday, July 18, 2013

So Very Blessed

"May love carry you and guide your breath, guide your thoughts, guide your actions, and guide your words. May you be a bright light in this world. May your soul catch fire... and with that light, light many other lights."
~Rod Stryker

I adore Rod.  A few years ago I took his meditation class at the Yoga Show in Toronto.  I remember leaving him feeling so light and airy - so relaxed as I had dropped so many layers of holding.

We all tend to have holding patterns - some we aren't even consciously aware of.  This can stem not only from the physical body, but also the mind. 

Think of the last time you crept facebook or any other social media site and felt less worthy than whomever's page you were creeping. 

This holding is so very damaging our psyche. 

In order to release this - stop yourself from comparing you to them. 

Let go of this holding. 

Remember you are a beautiful, gorgeous soul who is here to share your strength and your knowledge with the whole.

You are so very blessed.

Never forget that.

Namaste & sing it with me now ... "Come on baby light my fire!"


PS.  I'm so excited and almost ready to reveal my Exercise & Wellbeing series on my Etsy Page - it will definitely help you to create a positive shift in your life (and waistline).  Speaking of holding patterns it will help you to release a few.  Watch for it.  In the mean time be sure to check out my Zodiac Series.  I had a blast creating these guys - aren't they cute?


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