Thursday, August 08, 2013

Forewarned is forearmed and all that

Last weekend when the moon was in Cancer it was an emotional roller coaster of a time; not just for me, but for many.   I missed hearing about it from the astrologists that I listen to on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as I was without internet access (there's enough stress in simply that fact, right?  LOL)  I find most of the time these guys have a knowing that if listened to can shift and change our experience.

I heard about the emotional roller coaster weekend after I exited the ride. 

If I had known beforehand maybe I would have dealt with things differently or at the very least had been better prepared.  Not that it was all that bad (in fact it was fairly good).  I just found people to be emotional and as an empathy I sucked it all in.

Half the time lately I'm not sure if its me being pre-menopausal or the others, but I know I'm growing and stretching into the mystic from what I'll call the river rocks ride.  (That time when you are tumbled around to smooth out your rough edges....yes it still happens to me and it's far from pleasant experientially.)

So this time I'm ready for it! 

Here's the Mantra from Kaypachya & the video I'll post the link below for the weekend.....

"As I speak my truth I must be prepared,
For others to feel, react, and share,
If I can get over feeling threatened and scared,
I will learn the lessons Life has for me there."

As I'm off to a family reunion - this is good information.... and reminder to stay unreactive.

And to pack emergency homeopathics in case I get a case of menopausal erratic emotions showing up ontop of the 'look at me' Leo zaniness. 

Here's my mantra for the weekend - when in doubt... drug yourself!  LOL

Play safe & remember to breathe!

PS.  Here's the link to Tom's video:

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