Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year

I don't believe I'm alone in being happy to see 2013 leave us.  It's been a zany year in so many ways.  Not to focus on the negative though as there were some great times. 

2014 will bring release for some and others will be forced into some element of relief.  The point is to not resist the changes that will inevitably come.  There are some shifts that are necessary to create or will happen regardless.

Take the time to plot your course - what would you like to see happen in 2014?  You wouldn't drive to Florida without a map or at least without using a GPS as a guide so why allow another year to float by you without setting a few intentions?

It's important.

And you are worth it.

Happy New Year! 

Continue to follow your heart in 2014 the world needs more people like you.

You are a blessing & do make a difference

PS.  I've found a new addiction!  Art journaling.  I just finished binding my 2nd journal.  I'm doing them rather different than other's I've seen so far.  I've already painted the backgrounds

They've taken a long time to create but aren't they awesome?  I'm soooooo in love with these things!  I can't wait to start journaling come 2014!  So many of the backgrounds are already calling me, telling me what to paint or draw on them. 


Magic Love Crow said...

Cool journal!! You are doing excellent Tammy! Happy 2014! A new moon on January 1st! Yepee! Give my brother a hug from me and tell him to give you a hug from me ;o)

Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty said...

Thanks Stacy, I'm having a lot of fun with them!

I just hugged him for you - made him get off the couch... now he thinks I'm crazy! LOL

Happy New Year