Monday, June 23, 2014

Believe in Love

I love this piece!  It was so fun to create.  

I had some extra bits of mounting foam left over from another project so I decided to use it here.  I adored the background and couldn't think of what to do with it so Zentangles and birdhouses made their way in. I especially love the little kite dangling down - the sideways written words came from font I saw over on pinterest.

Here it is again with better lighting.  The birdhouse on the right didn't mount straight.  It's stuck like that now...

Here is my Pinterest account btw... 

Check out my astrology board.  I can't believe how many hits my Zodiac pictures are getting and being shared/pinned.  I'm grateful some are enjoying the hard work that went into them. And oddly enough it is the Aries picture that is winning with 160 re-pins!  Isn't that awesome?

Ok...have a great week and enjoy the beginning of summer


Magic Love Crow said...

I think your bird houses look great ;o) Congrats on the pins ;o) Just to let you know, I have your scrunchie ;o) See you soon ;o)

My Garden Diaries said...

What an awesome piece! And how exciting that your board is getting so much attention and love on Pinterest! Happy day to you! Nicole xo

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

I ADORE this!!!!! I love and hate summer at the same time - so much going on (back from one trip, and leaving on another next week) that my blog reading falls by the wayside...catching up here this morning - FABULOUS way to start off my reading...this ROCKS, my friend!