Thursday, September 18, 2014

First week

Ok... well my first full week back to work is almost over.  It has been a couple of zany week's to be honest.  But it has been nice to have a schedule to stick to.  I'm rather like a child this way I guess I do enjoy my routine. 

Here is a copy of my latest newsletter for you to read if you wish...

I am going to work toward digging to get some real writing and other work completed over the next few weeks.   Mercury is about to go into retrograde so it's time to hide, put the nose to the grindstone and get some serious work done.

I haven't had time to paint much lately but my heart is looking forward to doing so soon.

I'm off for today and thought I'd leave you with some feel good video I stumbled across this morning... this is a must see!

365 Grateful Project | Hailey Bartholomew | TEDxQUT

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Tammy said...

Enjoyed seeing the video since I had already seen grateful posts on Instagram. Hope you are now finding some time to do all that you want. Best wishes, Tammy