Monday, September 22, 2014

Self Compassion

There's a quote that says, "if your compassion doesn't include yourself its incomplete".
I believe this comes from my friend and fellow meditation teacher Jack Kornfield.

One technique he teaches is to connect with one consciousness in meditation.  Allow your awareness to fly into the sky and allow it to expand to how large it is.  This is not about an out of body experience, although some may liken it to one, but rather allowing yourself to connect with mind space.... you know the one, the final frontier?  LOL

Connect to the part of you that is all expansive, all knowing and all aware.  This is the part of you that is the highest vibration.  Now from this space look down upon yourself and offer loving kindness and compassion for the 'little you'.

The little parts rather that are not necessarily your best qualities, but at the same time make you, you.  This may be connecting to negative emotions, the part of you which emits jealousy, dislike, anger etc.,  or maybe its the part that has to have a coke a day, or some chips when this goes against what you are truly wanting.  (aka... that nasty little new years resolution to release those 10 pds that are still on today). 

Offer all of the parts of yourself love.
Offer all of the parts of yourself compassion.

And know it is perfectly OK to be you in the here and now.
Release all self judgement and remember....

In this moment, everything is already OK.
OM Shanti - peace


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Beautiful! And so very inspiring!

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