Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yoga etiquette and healing tears

Wow what a week it's been.  I cried twice.

Both times it was from students or clients sharing how much they love my classes. 

Sometimes as a teacher you wonder if you have it all together and question if you are even close to getting through to the students. 

Both times I said to them, "Don't make me cry!"  Didn't work though... those healing tears were there on the surface and needing to come out.

I was challenged this week also - I too had teachers.

For example for the first time ever I had three people leave one of my classes.... The first probably shouldn't have come in the first place she had an injury.  The second left because she didn't want to be late for lunch and in hindsight realized it was unnecessary to leave.  The third is new to yoga and simply followed the others.

It brought to mind some things to revisit as far as yoga etiquette goes....

1)  If you have to leave early tell the teacher before the class begins or at the very least wait for a good opportunity to do so.

2) If you are leaving because you feel uncomfortable - know this is the best time to STAY in the class. Why?  It's an opportunity for you to observe yourself in a setting you wish to flee from.  Instead of leaving observe your reactions... watch your mind.  With this laser-point of focus you may learn something about yourself .... maybe you'll even have a mental breakthrough on how you act when you are challenged off of the mat.

2)  When arriving to class (particularly if you are late) undo any Velcro outside before coming into the yoga space or leave it until the class starts.... do not let it rip during savasana.  People complain a lot about that one!

3)  Chatting before class for me is fine - some teachers wish silence.  I realize yoga is a social event for some... just keep it quiet.  Some students don't really care to hear about what you ate before class, idle gossip or how your bathroom reno is going.  Remember.... Whisper's work wonders.

4)  If you came to a class and the teacher is guiding you in one direction don't do your own thing.  It is distracting for the others.  I personally don't have an issue if you need to stretch or move in a way the rest of us are for a moment.  However there are many others in the room that are concentrating and find your in-attentive "I'm doing my own thing because I want to" way to be distruptive.  Especially if you do this for the entire class... makes us wonder why you came to class in the first place?

5)  Drinking water... ah those crinkley, snappy water bottles.  Essentially if you are dehydrated fine ....drink.  But overall you won't see water in most gentle yoga classes.  Best to drink it before or afterwards to keep the heat in the body - aiding you to burn off those nasty toxins.

Just some food for thought.

I adore my job and am so grateful to be able to help people achieve their goals - be that mentally or physically.


PS.  I also realize no one can "make you cry" you do that to yourself.  Only you are in charge of you - let's emo-on (insert high five) shall we? 

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