Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Human afterall

One of my students said to me in meditation last night that I am her spiritual teacher, I should have it right by now!

Well, I used to feel like I had it all together and didn't struggle with certain things.  Now this is keeping in understanding I have had times of depression of extreme struggle of times when I wasn't sure if I had the strengths to pull through.

Then I did a ton of work on me.  And that work (meditation, yoga, mantra, breathing etc.,) paid off in a big way.  But it is an ongoing process of life.  You can't fall back asleep, but that is so easy to do.

I've said it for years if you want peace, happiness & harmony you have to do the work for it. 

It's a larger challenge when you watch others around you, those you love & care for not be able to be whom you wish they were. You want better for them, but they aren't willing or ready to change nor do they want for themselves what you wish for them.  They too are human.  They too can fall asleep. 

That's just it.

The best we can do is lead by example.  Live our lives the way we believe we should.  And on the days when we are beating ourselves up for whatever reason, we can leave it by the side and move forward towards awakening.

To us waking together.

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