Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy 2015


I'm still freaked out every time I say those numbers.  Today I left someone a message and for the first time this year and stumbled over saying January 2nd ... LOL 

It feels like 2000 was about 10 minutes ago.

Today I finished my Vision Board for 2015.
I'm not sure how you make yours but I use Microsoft Publisher and then go to google images and look for pictures that represent what I'd like to see create in my world.  Then I copy and paste them onto some photo paper and put it in our bedroom.

It's nice because its the first thing I see when I wake up.

This years has many little words phrases of "Thank you" all over it.  I am so very grateful and blessed to live this life and I want to remember this more often.

Ok, now I'm finished with the vision board, my first blog post is complete so now its off to finish tiding and then to script this year.. now that I have the images of what I'd like to have happen now I'll write the story of it all!  Works wonders.

Have a great week!

I am wishing for you a wonder-filled 2015 with continued blessings, joy, health and peace.


PS.  I came across this quote today from        


My Garden Diaries said...

So wonderful friend! A very happy 2015 to you!! Your drawings are just fantastic!!! All the best.....Nicole xoxo

Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty said...

Thank you! Happy New Year to you also x