Sunday, March 01, 2015

What you focus on you bring upon


I was talking to Mom this week who said, "I want off this ride!"  with reference to a current situation she is struggling with.

Myself & Dad jumped all over her with a resounding, "Don't say that!"

Your words truly are powerful.  In the back ground Dad says, "Let me tell you a little story about a battery..."

BOL.. here it is...

Over the past few weeks as most of you will know we've had temperatures in the -20's and colder with the windchill.  It's brought havoc upon roads, freezing pipes and car batteries.

It's the latter that was the focus over here on William.  You see my Dad kept asking about my battery. I told him it was fine, but no not in my memory had I ever replaced it.  My car is an '06 which would make my battery about 9 years old.

I sluffed him off, the car was working just fine.

Then while teaching last week, before yoga one of my students was talking about her car battery also in need of replacement.  I said, "By law of attraction I refuse to finish this conversation!'

I'm not sure if the student got what I meant, but it did entice snickering from others.

Two days later .....

Exactly.  Told them so.
Now let's talk about all good things so we can remain open to receive the lot!


Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! Oh shoot!

Tammy said...

Oops! Yes, I do believe that words have power. That's why when my husband says "I don't have money" I always tell him, don't say that. You do have money, you just don't have any in your pocket or wallet at the moment. I don't have any on me is much better than I don't have any at all. :) Best wishes, Tammy