Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Open your Feet

You know it's funny so many people have been talking to me about how their feet are feeling tender this time of year.  I'd guess it has to do with stuffing our tootsies into winter boots which for most do not have the support a running shoe or walking shoe would provide.

One of my students asked what she could do?

There are so many things to help relieve tender feet, but one for me includes using those little pedicure toe separators.

You can even paint the toenails if you care too!  LOL

Put these...


between your toes and leave them there for 10-15 mins a day.

The first few minutes won't feel too bad, but after 15 your foot will feel so open, so free and maybe a little tender (that will pass you can soak them or simply leave the separators in for a lesser amount of time).

Keep it going and your toes will be sandal ready for the Spring thaw!!!  Hubby and I are convinced by -1 we'll all feel like walking around in shorts after this Ontario February!

PS.  Did you know the Egyptians naturally had space between their toes?  I went to an exhibit in Toronto on shoes several years back and was surprised to see naturally we had space between the toes!  Then over time our shoes made our toes sneak closer together.  Then again, don't even get me started on Chinese foot binding... eeekkk

... free those tootsies folks!

PPS.  You can buy expensive products to do the same thing or jet over to the dollar store and pick up a cheaper product like the one above!

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