Saturday, February 14, 2015

Universal Humour

The Universe has a good sense of humour - I've said this for awhile now and keep getting confirmation.  Like yesterday... I was in line at the Dollar Store.  There were two people ahead of me.  The man paying for his merchandise was 10 cents short.  So the young man in front of me gave him the money. 

The man was so full of gratitude with a ton of, "Thanks a lot buddy!"  and "I owe you one buddy!"  "Thanks, Thanks!"

I smile thinking how nice it was to see the young man ahead of me act like that... an act of kindness.

It was then his turn to cash out.  It came up to $5.10

"Ah... I just gave my dime to that guy!"  He said motioning to the door!

"That's hilarious," I said to him.  And offered up a quarter to pay for it.  The cashier wouldn't take it, she too was going to offer the dime to her til.

You couldn't get rid of ten cents in that store!  LOL

Today is Valentine's Day.  My husband and I couldn't decide where we were going to go for dinner.  Every year we've lived in this town we go to the same place.  So this year neither one of us could decide, but wanted somewhere new.  So I said let's put some ideas on slips of paper.  We'll toss them into a paper bag and let the universe decide.

In went 6 different locations including our usual location.

My husband said, I'm shaking it!  You pick it out!"  He took the bag and shook it with all his might! 

Out of all the slips of paper I chose the same place we always go to! 

Apparently it's meant to be.

Too funny,

PS.  Happy Valentines' Day if you are looking for us, you'll know where we will be!!

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Tammy said...

That is hilarious! :)