Saturday, January 23, 2016

All Aboard facing the fear

I was pretty much raised on the water; boating for our family was a large part of our lives.  We were the first one's on the lake every year and the last one's to come off.  There are so many great memories from those times.

So when we decided to take a cruise I was excited, but also terrified.  I have no idea why but the mere thought of getting on a cruise ship always reminds me of the Titanic or the Concordia... feelings of panic always came up in my mind.  I knew this was something I had to do to concur my fear.  

We left from Fort Lauderdale onboard the Princess Regal.  Once I was on it, I was surprisingly OK  (I still believe I have past life issues with large ships if truth be told!)  

Here she is.... 

Here's our state room and balcony.....

The breathtaking view of the center of the ship... this picture does not do it justice!

We were on the Love Boat!  I loved the sounds of the horns playing the Love Boat theme at noon daily & when we left port...

I joked I was going to wear my life jacket under my bathing suit...didn't happen, but here I am prepared just in case!  LOL

It was such an opportunity for self reflection as I learned to conquer this fear.  Funny how things can see so astronomical until we face them.  I'm so happy I dealt with this one. I can honestly say I highly recommend going on a cruise if you've never been.  We loved it so much we are thinking of planning another very soon!

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