Friday, January 08, 2016

Word for the year

Many new age thinkers & motivational teachers suggest we choose a word or phrase to be incorporated to set an intention or sankalpa for the year.  

I really struggled with this one.  Call it a post holiday funk, a realization of how much I have changed, not busy enough to be back to work fully or me overthinking... but I really couldn't come up with a great work that reverberated for me.

Then I found it.

That's such a great word.  And the more I think about it the more I'm loving it.  2016 was full of felicities.  

plural fe·lic·i·ties
  1. 1a :  the quality or state of being happy; especially :  great happiness felicity
>b :  an instance of happiness
  • 2:  something that causes happiness
  • 3:  a pleasing manner or quality especially in art or language felicity
  •  with words>
  • 4:  an apt expression

  • I decide on it, then go back to my email to find Etsy had just sent through an email with "9 Ways to make this year yours" in the subject line. 

    The first image in the body of  their message?  

    Not sure if you can see it without clicking the link.  But it says, "Follow your arrow" And now I'm laughing out loud!  Arrow... OMG... seriously?  Arrow... the popular American TV show based on the DC comics character Green Arrow.  His girlfriend in the show is named Felicity Smoak!  

    The universe is hilarious.

    Felicity it is then with all it's synchroncities!

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